You may not recognize the face but you have seen my photographs and more than likely have viewed my videos.”

KAT with camera yp

KAT is a freelance photographer specializing in street, news, entertainment and celebrity photography. With a background in Radio, TV and Film, her photographs and videos stand apart and have a unique flair.

KAT’s  videos and photographs have been published around the world in such media as Vogue.com, The New York Post, TV Nova (Czech Republic), Us Weekly, People magazine, E! News,  The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Mail UK, The New York Daily Mail, Star Magazine, OK Magazine, El Cuore Peinados, SNTV, Aller.dk, Stara Media Oy (Finland), Donga.com (Korea), Smart Magna (Greece), Editoriale Libero (Italy), Guliver (Croatia), I Heart Media, AMI, All Over Press (Sweden), Microsoft, Bild (Germany), Topic Photo Agency, TMZ, National Enquirer, RadarOnline, Google, Yahoo, Youtube and countless other media outlets.