Marion Suge Knight Gets Another Field Trip By Threatening F. Gary Gray

Former Death Row Records kingpin, Marion Suge Knight was in court 09/11/2017 for doing another list of crimes this time while behind bars for murder. According to multiple reports Knight is accused of conspiring with, one of his many attorneys, Matthew Fletcher. While meeting with his Fletcher behind bars, Suge Knight discussed bribing certain witnesses to help him beat his murder charge and ways to  threaten ‘Straight Outta Compton’ director F. Gary Gray.

Marion Suge Knight latest criminal threats is  another charge of a growing number that show Knight is a criminal boss whose misdeeds do not cease just because he is locked up behind bars. There are some odd things going on in court while Knight is suppose to be at least pretending to be innocent. On Monday morning Knight was heard yelling for his attorney as well as trying to communicate with someone in the back of the court.