The Larry King Interview: Doubting God’s Existence

Suffering, destruction and death makes one question WHY. Sometimes we don’t have any answers other times we know why things are the way they are but we can’t honestly talk about it. Here is Larry King questioning the existence of God after a number of brutal hurricanes.

Puerto Rico & The Virgin Islands Still Need Help

Carmen Yulín Cruz Mayor of San Juan is not the only one who is disappointed in Trump’s attention and relief plan for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. There seems to be a disconnect between the FEMA and what the people in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands still need. Many people famous and not have donated to help the Hurricane ravaged area but according to people on the ground they still need more troops, more water, more help with clean up and more fuel. I asked Lou Diamond Phillips his thoughts on this growing controversy.

A Week Of Great Losses: America Reels

Words can not express the staggering losses felt during this unnerving time in America. Trump tweets threats for nuclear war with North Korea, divisions fester between sports fans whether NFL players have the right to kneel during the National Anthem, hurricane damage still poses major hurdles for Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands, the Las Vegas massacre done by a home grown terrorist inflicting more outrage about firearms and the NRA yet no real change seems to be down the line. A great musician Tom Petty died suddenly. America’s heart is broken in so many ways.
With so much heartache this is all I got. One of my favorite Tom Petty songs..