Dolph Lundgren’s Completes Aqua Man In Australia Heads To Xmas Vacation

Sexy, dangerously smart, musician, martial artist, dad and actor Dolph Lundgren is as busy as ever. He just completed a part in “Aqua Man” as ‘King Nereus’ in that filmed in Australia. Now he is back in the states about to enjoy his Christmas holiday…

Omarosa Another Tabloid Distraction In The Fired/Resignation Trump WH

Omarosa Manigault caused provided another shiny object tabloid bell to take the American attention off of more important news like Russia Gate, Global Warming and the Dismantling of Democracy. The funny thing is no one knows exactly what she did/does for the White House. So her loss was more of a smoke screen attention grabber for a short news cycle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses His Voice For The Environment Not Trump

Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has been radio silent on Donald Trump lately.

There were rumors that he was going to run for Senator. Recently however this has been denied by one of his family members who appeared in the redo of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ who said Schwarzenegger was busy saving the environment in Europe.

The Suge Knight Saga Continues With Multiple Players & Court Dates

Marion Suge Knight has so many charges and court cases that one needs a personal calendar and secretary to keep up with the changing court dates and felony charges. Knight has been accused of not only robbery, murder, threatening F.Gary Gray but he has also been accused of bribery as well as in getting his girlfriend, one of his lawyers and his business partner indicted for selling sealed court evidence to TMZ. This long saga is far from over yet Knight’s team has been busy shaping the spin to the public by trying to distract with a FOX show about the unsolved Tupac Shakur murder. Next year many of Suge Knight’s cases will be tried and he will finally face a jury of his peers. Will all the people who aided and abetted Knight be held accountable?

DWTS Pro Val Chmerkovskiy Has A New Book

Even though I no longer cover Dancing With The Stars, it is always a delight bumping into some of my favorite Pros. After coming back from Thanksgiving vacation, I bumped into new author Val Chmerkovskiy