As America Heads To Summer, People Are Going Out Without Face Masks

The natives are getting restless so they are forgoing safety precautions and going out without social distancing and without wearing facial coverings. It is really simple to wear a mask…

Heavy Drinking & COVID-19 Don’t Mix It’s A Bad Cocktail

During the cortisol raising anxiety regarding COVID-19, many are taking to the bottle for solace and comfort. Alcohol sales are definitely up as stress and stay at home orders are globally enacted. Most people hate being told what to do. Now as most adults battle with staying well, taking care of the kids, the mortgages, keeping on to the job, paying rent, dealing with death and some on the front lines of battling the corona virus, the last thing they want to hear is not only can you not have the freedom to go outside whenever you want but you can’t use the bottle to drown your sorrows unless you want to increase your risk of getting sick. Logic goes out the window when people are under extreme amounts of stress. Suppressing emotions such as sadness, grief, fear, anxiety while uncertainty is the news of the day is almost impossible. Looking for a quick fix appears like only a drink or smoke away. Easing the pain of isolation becomes the norm. Alcohol is a readily available dangerous distraction of stressful life.

Stress is the underlying problem let’s look at that first and why heavy drinking is not the answer. Stress increases rates of insomnia, depression, rapid breathing which can cause shortness of breath, increase heart rates raises risk of a heart attack, long term stress lowers the immune system making it much more difficult to fight off diseases, the liver produces more sugar in the blood under stress which can lead to type 2 diabetes, poor eating can also increase risk of getting ill due to the body’s lack of nutrients and inability to sweep waste from the body. High levels of stress also causes infertility, low sex drive in some and erectile dysfunction. So the body is under stress already add to that COVID-19 exposure where your body needs to be on it’s A Game in mind, body and spirit and high levels of alcohol is added would be like Le Bron or Steve Curry trying to play in the NBA Championship inebriated. Their game would be a lot
more sloppy and lacking in Defense.

Alcohol in heavy usage, destroys the liver, increases heart attack risks, produces blood clots, makes it harder for the body to pump blood through the body, causes strokes, impairs brain function, can cause anemia, can cause vomiting, black outs, increases risky and dangerous behaviors, causes lack of coordination, reduces body core temperature, raises blood pressure and blurs vision. Alcohol can cause various cancers in the throat, breast, mouth, liver, larynx, colon, and esophagus. Heavy drinking long and short term can take a heavy toll on the body, impair judgment and put more people at risk for developing and not surviving COVID-19. What are the alternatives to heavy drinking? There are plenty. Use this time of uncertainty to change your life.

Here are some steps. And like a great basketball player, it will take some practice.

Write Down Your Feelings in a Journal
Spend Time Just Deep Breathing Slowly & Quietly
Learn A New Way of Exercise one that is Gentle on the Body
Be Silly
Have Fun
Learn a New Skill
Cook a New Recipe
Use this Time to Reconnect with Yourself & Love Ones
Make or Tend Your Garden
Do a Home Project
Write the Novel, Short Story, Screenplay, Song that you wanted to do but you said you didn’t have time for
Sew by Hand/Machine
Write New Goals
Clean your closets
Donate Clothes
Make Face Masks for People On The Front Line
Read Books
Turn off the TV
Stop Smoking which also leads to respiratory diseases
Limit Social Media
Write and Say Positive Affirmations for Yourself
Use this Time to get to know yourself and your loved ones again.
Start imaging the world you want to live in and think about what we can do better in the future.

Discipline is easy to have when times are easy; difficult to have when times are not.

Dana White Set A Bad Example Trying To Force UFC 249 During COVID-19 Epidemic

COVID-19 Not That Serious & The Show Must Go ON Carnival Barker Dana White
had to stand down after Disney who owns ESPN and the Governor of California Gavin Newsom
say hell no UFC 249 on Tribal Land Can’t Go

Current COVID-19 Confirmed Cases:
World – 1,850,220
U.S. – 561,103

COVID-19 Deaths:
World – 114,215
U.S. – 22,106

UFC president Dana White was planning to host the MMA pay-per-view on April 18 at the Tachi Palace Casino Resort, a casino on Central California Tribal land south of Fresno. First it was rumored to take place on a Private Island. Dana who has a very embedded relationship with TMZ which has an incestuous relationship with Fox that is in bed with Trump who also is bedfellows with White, bragged that nothing is impossible, that fans were going nuts while quarantined due to the Coronavirus pandemic and that They Must be ENTERTAINED.

Forget about the fact that hospitals around the globe were short on ventilators and protective gear like appropriate face shields, face masks, outer gear as well as beds for ailing and dying patients due to the virus as well as places to put deceased bodies, Dana White pushed that UFC was going to save the day by putting on a blood match.

Don’t get me wrong I love watching trained fighters do what they are skilled at but this time Dana White was in extremely ass backwards. If he wanted to get some authentic adoration, maybe the UFC could have contributed to getting hospitals the protective equipment and supplies they were begging for. But No not Dana. In an interview w/o social distancing and extremely close, White spoke with an ESPN interviewer and said that “The Best Medical Professionals were going to be onsite of the fight and that all the fighters were going to get tested”.

This was so wrong on so many levels. One again proving that Special People had access to the COVID19 tests and that UFC was going to get crucial test kits for an unnecessary fight show. Two, it would not be the first time that a White was going to invade Tribal Land and cause a possible pandemic for greed and fame. Third, it was a horrible sucking of Donald Trump’s disinformation dick furthering the beliefs that Coronavirus ought not to be taken seriously and we all should get back to work. Fourth it really showed what a bully and inconsiderate Narcissist Dana White is, pretending to care about his staff and fighters yet intimidating them to perform during a pandemic regardless of the personal costs.

One of the main fighters former champion Rose Namajunas had to pull out of the fight guard because not one but 2 of her relatives DIED of complications of COVID-19.

We all know Tony Ferguson is crazy enough to fight anytime anywhere yet that isn’t such a great thing. His would be replacement opponent Justin Gaethje, no offense to him was a let down to the reigning champ Khabib Nurmagomedov who was back in Russia under a COVID-19 lockdown. The might need a 5150 check Ferguson was willing to fight anytime anywhere regardless of the growing number of coronavirus infections. The fight between Tony and Khabib is the real match up all UFC Fans want to see. Everything about this rush job for a replacement was a cheap unnecessary substitute.

Some things have to be postponed. No if ands or Dana White’s ego or loyalty to Donald Trump.
It was a very bad decision just like the US gov’t under Trump’s administration selling off much needed medical supplies (PPE) to foreign countries after being warned that a pandemic was going to occur leaving Americans on the front lines battling COVID-19 not protected.

Sometimes one has to do the right thing and set a proper example. Which at this time is social distancing, staying home, using good hygiene, washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes.

Tituss Burgess The Perfect Actor To Play Sylvester

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Spike Lee Visits Steven Spielberg Directing West Side Story In Harlem

During the summer while Steven Spielberg was directing WEST SIDE STORY in Harlem, he was visited by Spike Lee. Lee was seen taking pictures with fans who were happy to see him on the Harlem set.

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The highest grossing director of all time Steven Spielberg decided to remake one of the most beloved cinematic movies of all time – West Side Story. Who else could do it? Anyway, Spielberg did it big. He hired more teamsters than anyone and brought more jobs to New York than any other director in recent history.

The Unbelievable Story of Jeffrey Epstein

The Jeffrey Epstein story is a roller coaster ride into hell. It is one of the most intriguing and disgusting mysteries of modern time. Was/is Epstein a spy working for multiple governments? Or was he just a psychopath working for his own selfish desires. More than likely it was a combination of both. It is doubtful we will ever know what really happened. Many aren’t convinced that Jeffrey Epstein is actually dead. Below are just few of the Epstein videos that I shot in New York