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Marilyn Monroe “There Is No Business Like Show Business – Dress” Available At Julien’s Auction

For Lover’s of Costumes and Marilyn Monroe, Julien’s Auction on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills is a must. Here is a quick look at one of the many Marilyn Monroe costumes on display…

Mohamed Hadid Denies Rumored Affair While Bella & Gigi Rule The Runway

Bella and Gigi Hadid are ruling the fashion pages and the runways and their father Mohamed Hadid is very proud of their success. Recently while both were modeling in the VS Fashion Show, a story broke that Mohamed was having an affair with a young model…

Robin Black MMA Talks Conor vs Khabib The Deeper Level

The MMA Fight World is drooling over the fight between Conor McGregor & Khabib Nurmagomedov. As the hours tick closer to possibly the greatest UFC fight, every one is talking about the match up. The great MMA analyst Robin Black was shooting a segment for TSN so after he was finished I asked him for a sound bite on his thoughts regarding the psychological war games being played by Conor McGregor.