Bruce Springsteen The Boss Of Broadway

Bruce Springsteen’s solo show on Broadway is still going strong much to the delight of his many fans.

Dolph Lundgren’s Completes Aqua Man In Australia Heads To Xmas Vacation

Sexy, dangerously smart, musician, martial artist, dad and actor Dolph Lundgren is as busy as ever. He just completed a part in “Aqua Man” as ‘King Nereus’ in that filmed in Australia. Now he is back in the states about to enjoy his Christmas holiday…

DWTS Pro Val Chmerkovskiy Has A New Book

Even though I no longer cover Dancing With The Stars, it is always a delight bumping into some of my favorite Pros. After coming back from Thanksgiving vacation, I bumped into new author Val Chmerkovskiy

The Larry King Interview: Doubting God’s Existence

Suffering, destruction and death makes one question WHY. Sometimes we don’t have any answers other times we know why things are the way they are but we can’t honestly talk about it. Here is Larry King questioning the existence of God after a number of brutal hurricanes.

Richard Armitage Talks Hannibal TV Series

When I first saw a tall man with stylish black leather designer sneakers and a black leather jacket, I knew he looked familiar but at first I couldn’t place where I’d seen him before. After his lunch companion left, I asked him if he was an actor. He kindly responded with a yes. I went on to ask if he wouldn’t mind letting me know what role did I know him from. He politely listed several from the Hobbit (which I hadn’t seen) and several others. Then he mentioned “Hannibal” the TV Series.