Beverly Hills Street Fashion: Accessories & Lots of Chanel

BH Street Beat Fashion
Beverly Hills has so much to enjoy and admire when it comes to Fashion. These are some of the trends that are happening now on the street and in the stores:

  • Men joining the big bag fan club
  • Chanel, Chanel and more Chanel (jewelry, shoes, clothing, handbags and fragrances
  • Lovers of Chanel of all ages/nationalities
  • Vintage Chanel – Chanel Never Goes Out of Style
  • People walking or carrying their dogs (family members) – Everywhere…

KAT Iisac Agnes Baddoo bags (2)Iisac has a Agnes Baddoo Black Buffalo Sac – handcrafted in L.A.

KAT Lady In Vintage ChanelSilva is gorgeous in a Vintage Chanel Dress from the 1960’s

KAT Kima in Chanel(2)Kima is wearing Chanel from head to toe

Wayne walking Coco and ChanelWayne is walking his poodles Coco and Chanel

SUICIDE SQUAD Set To Blow Up The Box Office August 5th

With a stellar cast including Viola Davis, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Will Smith, “Suicide Squad” is set to open on August 5th much to the delight of comic fans around the globe.

Maybe it was divine intervention that Will Smith who was in the widely popular original “Independence Day” movie was not involved with the remake ”Independence Day Resurgence” which had a dismal showing at the U.S. box office. Smith participation in “Suicide Squad” seems like it will pay off in bigger numbers.

“Suicide Squad” has so many strong points going for it. Here are just a few of the best:
• Strong Cast
• Strong Variation of Characters
• Huge Fan Base
• DC Characters
• Multiple Possibilities of Spin Off Movies
• Excellent Opportunity for Suicide Squad Merchandise (music, toys, fashion, etc)
• Suicide Squad will have a long shelf life to create more money for the Brand
• Suicide Squad is already influencing Social Trends

And speaking of “Suicide Squad” influencing social trends and trend setters, edgier haircolors will definitely be a growing trend which in turns sells more products like hair color and hair services.
Diana Du a cut and colo trendsetter of Giuseppe Franco salon is a perfect example of the growing trend for more intense color.
KAT DianaDu Hair (1)-tile