Michael Cohen Goes To Prison

New York:
After covering Michael Cohen last year before he testified against his former boss Donald Trump, Cohen took his last moments of freedom before heading to a three year correctional facility prison sentence to have a press conference that turned into a melee…

Covering Wendy Williams In NY

Wendy Williams has been on many people’s mind for over a year due to the rumors about her husband’s affair and Wendy’s odd behavior on her show. Well it seems that many of the rumors of drugs, cheating, Kevin’s baby with another woman and even more drama were actually true.

Here is another video this one expressing concern for Wendy Williams…

Wendy Williams Personal Tea Is Piping Hot & Spilling All Over The Place

It has been a blistering eventful time for Wendy Williams and her staff. Besides divorcing Kevin Hunter and firing him as her manager and executive producer of her show, Wendy has moved out of the sober house she was at as well as moving into an entirely new home in Manhattan. Here is some new tea…

Former Trump Boot Licker Michael Cohen Getting Ready To Testify To Congress

Conflicted soul Michael Cohen former attorney and dirty deed doer for Donald Trump is spilling secrets as 45 appears to be having a growing melt down. Reports are saying that Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress about the “Russia Meeting at Trump Tower”. So many felonies so little time, the former fixer also claims he was told to hire John Gauger, the owner of RedFinch Solutions LLCto fix polling data to benefit candidate Don the con in 2015. As more information is being revealed, it appears Trump and the people who aided and abetted him areĀ  one of the most corrupt mafia wrecking crews in modern history.

Ralf Moeller Chats With KAT About Til Schweiger & More

German Actor Ralf Moeller chats with KAT about current events including Michael Cohen getting 3 years in federal prison and photos of Til Schweiger and Moeller that were all over Germany.

Bruce Springsteen The Boss Of Broadway

Bruce Springsteen’s solo show on Broadway is still going strong much to the delight of his many fans.