Reality TV Star Becomes President Of The United States

TV has replaced our brains. TV is God. What happens when you promote a personality for 10 years on American television? You get something publicity can buy the Presidency of the United States.
My commentary a few hours after Donald Trump won the electoral college.

‘Ray Donovan’ Star Jon Voight Still Strong For Trump

Veteran actor Jon Voight known for his work in Deliverance, Midnight Cowboy and Ray Donovan to name a few, gives excellent sound bites. Voight was out earlier today having lunch when he was gracious enough to chat and answer questions..

WAG The Kim Kardashian – Instead Of Real News

Any time a Kardashian stunt goes down, you can bet there some REAL News that is being under reported. Case in point, The Pentagon has been accused of paying a UK PR firm $540 Million Dollars for fake Al Qaeda/ISIS videos and there is some disturbing rumblings about Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks attorney John Jones “suicide by jumping in front of a train in London” story. Consequently, Julian Assange after boasting about a big October Surprise has remained radio silent about the US Presidential campaign.  His silence has caused a backlash among WikiLeaks enthusiasts who believe Assange is destroying the ethics of the organization.

The movie WAG THE DOG from 1997 shows the glimmer of the realness of the fake.

Here is my take on the media using of the Kardashian brand to do a slight of hand on real news…

UFC Pres Dana White Wears Suit Jacket @ RNC’s Coronation of Trump

KAT Dana White at RNC

So I’m sitting at a restaurant enjoying food and conversation with friends when I see Dana White on the TV screen endorsing Donald Trump after Trump won the Republican Nomination for the Presidency of the United States. I had to take a picture of the surreal moment. I noticed that casual Dana White who is normally wearing t-shirts while doing UFC press conferences, had thrown on a suit jacket with a dress shirt and no tie. White was keeping it classy.

I couldn’t hear what he was saying because the TV was turned down low and partially due to me yelling out loud. Although I was sober I was losing my composure watching the RNC spectacle. The musical group R.E.M. said it best, “Its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”.

It makes sense Dana White would endorse Trump both men support non union workers. Both men have had a recent surge in their bank accounts and social prominence or should I say dominance.

Just a few months ago I saw Dana White in Beverly Hills during the finale of DWTS and while the Conor McGregor being pulled from UFC 200 was at the height of the controversy.

Dana White vs Too Short Battle Over Conor... by kattalestv