WAG The Kim Kardashian – Instead Of Real News

Any time a Kardashian stunt goes down, you can bet there some REAL News that is being under reported. Case in point, The Pentagon has been accused of paying a UK PR firm $540 Million Dollars for fake Al Qaeda/ISIS videos and there is some disturbing rumblings about Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks attorney John Jones “suicide by jumping in front of a train in London” story. Consequently, Julian Assange after boasting about a big October Surprise has remained radio silent about the US Presidential campaign.  His silence has caused a backlash among WikiLeaks enthusiasts who believe Assange is destroying the ethics of the organization.

The movie WAG THE DOG from 1997 shows the glimmer of the realness of the fake.

Here is my take on the media using of the Kardashian brand to do a slight of hand on real news…

Curious George Zimmerman Back In The News

George Zimmerman is one of those people who is famous for murder.  Being acquitted for gunning down teen Trayvon Martin obviously wasn’t enough for “Curious George” who has repeatedly popped into the media landscape when their is a lull in peace and quiet. Zimmerman’s purpose appears to stir the pot and make people upset while he still attempts to grab attention. I think he wants his own reality TV show or to produce some other disturbing antic to keep his name in the spot light.

It was reported that George Zimmerman was punched in the face recently. Why is this national news? People get punched in the face every day. But “Curious George” is special so special in fact that he seems hell bent in fueling the fire of racism and violence.

Since the corporate owned media uses George Zimmerman as a racist instigating puppet, I thought it only fair to add this KAT TALES TV archival video of Johnny Fratto (now deceased) telling the story from Spring 2014 when George Zimmerman was scheduled to do a internet televised fight. “Curious George” turned into “Chicken George” after he became too frighten to actually step into the ring.

A George Zimmerman True Story By The Late… by kattalestv