Reality TV Star Becomes President Of The United States

TV has replaced our brains. TV is God. What happens when you promote a personality for 10 years on American television? You get something publicity can buy the Presidency of the United States.
My commentary a few hours after Donald Trump won the electoral college.

Understanding Why More Victims Of Violence & Abuse Won’t Come Forward

The following essay I wrote in response to the question of why some victims of violent crimes – especially rape don’t come forward. I hope this helps in the better understanding of victims’ mind sets and challenges.

Getting help becomes a full time job in itself.  It takes a considerable amount of time to do research. Finding the right help is paramount. Weeding through doctors, lawyers, clinics, hospitals, websites, referrals, references, emails, phone calls and the police is time consuming and at times frustrating.

Police – over worked, desensitized, might not complete paperwork or conduct proper or thorough investigations. Majority of police are men, and if the victim is a woman there might be power games being played such as the victim being made to feel they are overly emotional and that they should trust the police officer to do their job with no questions asked.

Victim may feel isolated and that they have no one to talk to. They also may feel pressure from family members, loved ones , friends  or co-workers not to come forward, to let the abuse go, or to not go to the authorities. They also may be threaten, intimidated and bullied not to come forward by the assailant(s), attorneys and others in their immediate circle and beyond in social media. Victims also have to contend with people saying it was their fault or that they are lying or it is all in their head – “That they are crazy!”

Shame is a big problem.  Talking about the crime can produce ridicule, self doubt and feelings of low self esteem. Repeating details of the crime or incident to doctors, police officers, lawyers, family and employer may cause further feelings of depression and shame.

Feeling violated again when the details of the crime become public record.

Women tend to be conditioned to not want to cause waves, to give others multiple chances, to take care of others more than they take care of their own needs.

Losing time from work pursuing justice or getting help might not be a viable option for some. Others may not have access to adequate health care or day care.

Getting help is expensive. Paying for transportation to go to appointments, to meet with police, to pay for additional expenses as a result of the crime can be daunting. If a survivor of violence is living pay check to pay check or doesn’t have a source of their own income, leaving or getting professional help may not be an immediate, cost effective or a realistic option.

The mental pain as well as the physical pain may take months, years or a lifetime to manage.

And what I found out in my own case that gave me a greater understanding of why so many women in the Bill Cosby case didn’t or waited years to tell their stories is:  just because one is a victim in a violent crime, there is no guarantee that you will be believed or helped by attorneys who want to make money. All victims of violent crimes are not a slam dunk in the money department and many lawyers don’t want to rock the boat by going up against a “Celebrity” with corporate connections and a fat wallet.

It is the victim’s ultimate choice to come forward and roll the dice or not. There are no guarantees that justice will win but by telling the truth, providing evidence and healing, one may turn from a victim to a survivor to a Thriver thus educating others while repairing one’s self.

UFC Pres Dana White Wears Suit Jacket @ RNC’s Coronation of Trump

KAT Dana White at RNC

So I’m sitting at a restaurant enjoying food and conversation with friends when I see Dana White on the TV screen endorsing Donald Trump after Trump won the Republican Nomination for the Presidency of the United States. I had to take a picture of the surreal moment. I noticed that casual Dana White who is normally wearing t-shirts while doing UFC press conferences, had thrown on a suit jacket with a dress shirt and no tie. White was keeping it classy.

I couldn’t hear what he was saying because the TV was turned down low and partially due to me yelling out loud. Although I was sober I was losing my composure watching the RNC spectacle. The musical group R.E.M. said it best, “Its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”.

It makes sense Dana White would endorse Trump both men support non union workers. Both men have had a recent surge in their bank accounts and social prominence or should I say dominance.

Just a few months ago I saw Dana White in Beverly Hills during the finale of DWTS and while the Conor McGregor being pulled from UFC 200 was at the height of the controversy.

Dana White vs Too Short Battle Over Conor... by kattalestv

Trump’s Art Of The Deal Ghost Writer Comes Back To Haunt Him

KAT #DumpTrump Slogan

With the start of the Republican National Convention Donald Trump goes full throttle tonight.

It has been reported by ABC News via Good Morning America that major RNC faces like the George Bush, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain and others will not be attending. On the flip side, the majority of Trump’s family will be speaking tonight on his behalf.

In a blistering expose by The New Yorker reveals that Donald Trump’s hugely popular late ‘80s book The Art of The Deal was not written by him as he claimed but by Tony Schwartz.

During a GMA interview, Schwartz went on to say “that he put lipstick on a pig!” referring to Donald Trump after being around him for 18 months while working on the book.

He is coming forward now because he feels it is his civic duty. Tony Schwartz also fears what will happen if Donald Trump with his short fuse and short attention span has his hands on the nuclear code.

With at least of 10 years performing on “The Apprentice” Donald Trump seems poised to seal the deal at the Republican Convention as their undisputed Nominee for the President of the United States.