A Date With Angelyne The Billboard Queen Takes A Weird Turn
















True Hollywood Stories – a friend gets picked to meet Hollywood Icon Angelyne and do a ride along in her pink corvette but it doesn’t go as planned…

Oscars 2019 Preparations Underway Under Harsh Weather Conditions

The current weather pattern in Los Angeles has been unpredictable while unseasonable cold and wet. Meanwhile the SHOW must go on. In Hollywood, the Oscars are taking over Hollywood Blvd from Orange to Highland with massive temporary construction work going on regardless of the weather.

Wendy Williams & R. Kelly Hot Topic Hot Mess

So much going on about Wendy Williams and R. Kelly in the media right now. The rumors have been going on for a long time. Sometimes it takes a while – years in some cases for the dirt to cause an avalanche. It seems that both Wendy Williams and R. Kelly are about to face some hard facts and consequences…

Grandstanding Meryl Streep Causing Further Division?

No doubt Meryl Streep is a talented actress. She has the right to her opinion and we as an audience have the right to voice our opinion that is how an open forum of communication works. There were many hurt feelings beyond Donald Trump’s after Streep received her Lifetime Achievement Award from the Golden Globes on Sunday. A little back story, many times artists are told ahead of time that they will be receiving an award in order to get them to appear on a show. Therefore, it is likely to assume that Meryl Streep was aptly prepared with a memorized speech in her head or helped remembered by the monitors. Although I agree with what she said in regards to Trump, I didn’t agree with what she said about the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) not being an art. One can like a whole pizza except for soggy crust.
Meryl Streep’s speech and the aftermath brought up some interesting points about whether or not she should have spoke out and up during her acceptance speech and who has the “right” to speak up and out about certain topics at all. After some heated twitter trolling, another photographer (Skittles) and I talked about Meryl Streep’s diss moment regarding Elitism and communication.

‘Fame Monster’ Lady Gaga Single – Taylor Kinney Engagement Burnt

KAT Lady Gaga Gif

Multi-talented Lady Gaga is single after a 5 year relationship with ‘Chicago Fire’ star Taylor Kinney. The busy schedule of the successful performers might have been too much to make their engagement work. The pair were rumored to have difficulty pinning down a wedding date.

Meanwhile the latest rumor is that Lady Gaga might be performing for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention with Lenny Kravitz in Philadelphia.

Exclusive KAT Lenny Kravitz