Puerto Rico & The Virgin Islands Still Need Help

Carmen Yulín Cruz Mayor of San Juan is not the only one who is disappointed in Trump’s attention and relief plan for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. There seems to be a disconnect between the FEMA and what the people in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands still need. Many people famous and not have donated to help the Hurricane ravaged area but according to people on the ground they still need more troops, more water, more help with clean up and more fuel. I asked Lou Diamond Phillips his thoughts on this growing controversy.

Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands Desperate For Help

Donald Trump is too busy colluding with the Russians and distracting attention with NFL attacks to actually have a game plan to deal with the devastating effects of the recent Hurricane disasters. Many people are taking matters into their own hands by donating supplies as well as transportation. Many celebs who have the most are helping so I asked multimillionaire Mel Gibson if he would help Puerto Rico.