Rob Reiner Talks Latest Trump RNC Controversy

Entertainment mogul and activist Rob Reiner talks the black comedy of Donald Trump’s rise to power as the latest controversy hits the fan during the Republican National Convention.

Rob Reiner Talks Latest Donald Trump Controversy by kattalestv

Salvador Dali Is In Beverly Hills Til September 23rd

KAT KATTALESTV SalvadorDaliExhibit 1

If you are planning to visit or shop in Beverly Hills, you must enjoy the sculptures of the late Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali. Where else but Beverly Hills would you find such art displayed on the street?

KAT Salvador Dali Rodeo Drive

KAT Salvador Dali 1

Kim Kardashian Kills Snake In The Grass Taylor Swift Via Snapchat

Kim Kardashian vs Taylor Swift
Kim Kardashian vs Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has played an interesting game of victimization for some time now. All the men she dates are bad. And she can’t win an award without Kanye jumping up on stage and stealing her thunder. Well Kim Kardashian proved she is Kanye West’s “ride or die chick” by exposing Taylor’s lies regarding West’s asking permission to use certain lyrics in his song “Famous” referring to sleeping with Ms. Swift.

The princess of publicity pulled the media coup at the perfect moment. Kim Kardashian not only exposed Taylor Swift’s manipulation during lagging ratings for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” but she also did it while Katy Perry’s new single dropped. As you may or not know, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are not BFFS. They are more like sworn enemies.

Anyway, Kim Kardashian stays relevant for another season and takes Swift down a peg or two at the same time. Taylor Swift is now exposed for the faker she is. Now more stories will come out (now that the protect Taylor gloves are off) about her fake relationships and the allege bearding going on in her private life.

The rumors of Taylor Swift being a controlling “mean girl” seem to be more likely true than false.

Katy Perry Sings New Olympic Single But Will RIO “Rise” To the Occasion?

Katy Perry by KAT

Popular songstress Katy Perry has released a new emotional single to usher in the Summer Olympics taking place in Brazil. The song is already having a huge surge on YouTube and will no doubt be one of the biggest hits in the summer charts. As Perry strikes gold with another hit, the question remains to be answered – will Rio be able to get it together in time for the Olympics?

Brazil has been plagued with not only the Zika Virus but a vaccine resistant bacteria in the water which has been reported to burn the face and make the suffer feel like their skin is being invaded by foreign creatures. To add more to the tale of woe is that human remains (body parts) have washed up on the shore of Rio’s beaches.  Part of the police force has been protesting that they haven’t been paid and that Brazil isn’t safe.  These officers have been campaigning at the airport in view of the arriving athletes, media and tourists Adding to that, robberies are high and some athletes have already been robbed at gun point.

Can all these news leaks be make believe? Can all the construction be done in time safely? Does the local government have enough security to make the Summer Olympics safe? Or is this all foreshadowing a big catastrophe with global repercussions? The infrastructure of Brazil is shaky and there has also been gentrification of the poor with the added insult of a huge fence separating them from the Olympic visitors. A little Apartheid is going on in Rio while athletes from richer countries try to win Gold.

Should the Rio Olympics be canceled before it starts? Some – Many say YES!

KAT Is Back In Black


After a long absence in the blogging world, I’m back in Black and Purple! For those of you who wondered what happened to me as well as all my previous videos and blog posts, it is a long story that is still writing itself. It involves several foes, a false accusation, an assault, robbery, slander, organized crime and murder. If I wrote a movie script of what really happened I probably wouldn’t believe it but unfortunately it is true.

With great sadness, sometimes the experience brings great lessons on what is really important such as the people who truly love you and what is really sacred in Life.

I do not have children nor am I married but my Love is in my videos, my photographs – my art. And to all the wonderful people who had my back when things were dismal and you encouraged me to keep going and get back up on my feet, I sincerely Thank You!