Nicki Minaj & Katy Perry Throw ‘Swish’ Diss Track At Taylor Swift and Remy Ma

What would music be like without cat fights and diss tracks? Katy Perry gets her nails out and calls upon Nicki Minaj to bring more drama to her beef with Taylor Swift and in turn Minaj gets to hit back at Remy Ma. Here is the audio track:

A few months ago, I talked to Kodak Black about the beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma and here is what he said.

Hip Hop Artist T.I. Has New Music – Seen Dining In Beverly Hills

Hip Hop Legendary Artist & Producer T.I. was seen earlier today with entourage enjoying lunch. T.I. has a new album entitled “Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head”.

Sir Rod Stewart “Tonight I’m Yours” Is Still SEXY

Sir Rod Stewart by KAT

Recently, the Queen of England knighted him and now he is officially Sir Rod Stewart. The title is much deserved since Stewart has been rocking and entertaining fans since the 1960’s.

I’m a fan of his disco music as well as his heavy rock and roll and his ballads.

‘Fame Monster’ Lady Gaga Single – Taylor Kinney Engagement Burnt

KAT Lady Gaga Gif

Multi-talented Lady Gaga is single after a 5 year relationship with ‘Chicago Fire’ star Taylor Kinney. The busy schedule of the successful performers might have been too much to make their engagement work. The pair were rumored to have difficulty pinning down a wedding date.

Meanwhile the latest rumor is that Lady Gaga might be performing for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention with Lenny Kravitz in Philadelphia.

Exclusive KAT Lenny Kravitz