NBA Legends Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett Make Some College Spring Breakers’ Day








Retired Boston Celtics World Championship Team Mates Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett greet some lucky fans visiting from Boston on Spring Break…

Trump Uses Peaceful Protests To Flame His Base & Distract From Failures

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Donald Trump likes to play the hero to his cult followers who don’t seem to comprehend The Right To Peacefully Protest. Instead of focusing on Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands devastation from the Hurricanes or the cyber attacks hitting the United States or Russia Gate or nuclear war with N. Korea. Trump would rather hypnotize his racist followers with click bait of “disrespecting the Flag” by not standing during The National Anthem. Now the sports world is in after Don The Con went off on protesting athletes. Sportscaster Jim Gray and I discuss the true meaning of sports and more

Scottie Pippen No Comment On Take A Knee

NBA retired star of the Chicago Bulls Championship squad, Scottie Pippen avoids the hottest topic in sports news after having lunch with Mohamed Hadid.

NBA Free Agent David Lee Talks Donald Trump

Today I met basketball star and currently a free agent David Lee. There is a rumor that he might be traded (back) to the Golden State Warriors, go to the San Antonio Spurs, the Dallas Mavericks or some other team that needs a 6’9″ power forward.

While he was leaving lunch he was tagged teamed with a flurry of questions. Lee answered with the adeptness of a power forward and the slyness of a candidate running for office.


NBA Star David Lee Talks Donald Trump by KATTALESTV