Stallone: On The Rumor George St. Pierre Is Ready To Rambo UFC & Dana White


So I watched a recent UFC on FOX George St. Pierre interview where GSP said he was ready to come back but Dana White was being cheap by not wanting to update his fighting contract. The rumor is that White wants GSP to come back at the same pay rate as he fought when he left the UFC a few years ago. I sincerely hope that is not the case but learning about Dana White’s propensity of putting corporate sponsors first as well as the UFC brand being more powerful than anyone star, it is no wonder negotiations are at a stand still.  George St. Pierre is too smart to lose his endorsement deals that give him more money than fighting for the UFC under the old contracts and the recent UFC deal with Reebok. So could the biggest fight in UFC history be lost because of ego and greed? Probably.

But I heard a delicious rumor that GSP was going to return and a big fight match up could happen with Conor McGregor. So I asked Sylvester Stallone his thoughts on a possible match up. 

George Saint Pierre VS UFC All Talk And No Action?

George St Pierre by KAT
George St Pierre by KAT
With all the drama of the UFC lately one could easily think it was all a master manipulation to increase interest in the sport especially now that money making venture has been sold for a reportedly $4Billion.

Under the all the drama of UFC 200 with Conor McGregor being pulled from the card, Jon Jones testing for a banned substance at the last minute one could easily forget about GSP.

There has been a lot of talk of George St. Pierre returning to fight but it seems that it is all TALK.

GSP has been recuperating for years at least 2. Although there are rumors that he is all healthy from previous injuries resulting in surgery, nothing seems to be closer of one of the most popular and successful fighters in UFC history getting a deal to step back into the ring.

I can’t blame Pierre for not wanting to play the UFC game. Besides being fraught with complaints of steroid use, the Reebok deal and Dana White treating fighters like slaves why would anyone want to put up with the allege BS? GSP has endorsements on his own that don’t involve Reebok. He also makes plenty of money so it makes sense there is no reason for him to get back in the ring.

Unless it is another media ploy to get more money and drum up more excitement for a really big match up with new champ Michael Bisping.