Devote Christian TV Producer OK With Donald Trump’s Racism

Mark Burnett is one of the most prolific & successful creators of Reality TV Show hits. He has produced The Voice, Survivor, The Apprentice, Celebrity Apprentice and Shark Tank just to name a few. Besides his success in the reality genre, Burnett is also made a fortune in Christian Entertainment.

Mark Burnett brought Donald Trump into mainstream culture by hiring don the con for The Apprentice which later morphed into The Celebrity Apprentice. It was during their successful television venture that it became more important to craft and fine tune Trump’s image into a successful business man showcasing a false image to primarily American audiences. The dominant white male boss/father figure who can chose whether one stays or goes/fired or hired became an instant hit. Unfortunately, the consequences of making Donald Trump a TV star has and will have shocking results to our Democracy.

Steven Bauer Doesn’t Like Trump’s Star Being Vandalized

Call me “nasty” but I thought it was funny, hilarious when I woke up to find that Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was hit with a sledgehammer and destroyed yesterday. I thought it was a small price to pay to the tumult that Trump’s Presidential Campaign has trafficked. With the flurry of hate speech, misogyny, privilege, psychopathy and promoting violence I thought it was the universe’s way of smacking Trump’s ass a little. So I asked Ray Donovan star Steven Bauer what he thought about Donald Trump’s star being vandalized by fake construction workers…

Trump’s Art Of The Deal Ghost Writer Comes Back To Haunt Him

KAT #DumpTrump Slogan

With the start of the Republican National Convention Donald Trump goes full throttle tonight.

It has been reported by ABC News via Good Morning America that major RNC faces like the George Bush, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain and others will not be attending. On the flip side, the majority of Trump’s family will be speaking tonight on his behalf.

In a blistering expose by The New Yorker reveals that Donald Trump’s hugely popular late ‘80s book The Art of The Deal was not written by him as he claimed but by Tony Schwartz.

During a GMA interview, Schwartz went on to say “that he put lipstick on a pig!” referring to Donald Trump after being around him for 18 months while working on the book.

He is coming forward now because he feels it is his civic duty. Tony Schwartz also fears what will happen if Donald Trump with his short fuse and short attention span has his hands on the nuclear code.

With at least of 10 years performing on “The Apprentice” Donald Trump seems poised to seal the deal at the Republican Convention as their undisputed Nominee for the President of the United States.