WME-IMG About To Kick Ass With UFC









I’m breaking this down to the bare facts:

WME – the William Morris Endeavor is a Talent Agency whereas  IMG- is a Global Fashion (including Top Models), Event Planning & Sports Management Company. The two merged in 2014. The leaders behind the rocket ship known as WME-IMG are co-CEOs Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell. If your a fan of ‘ENTOURAGE’, the character Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven is based on Ari Emanuel.

This is what I believe WME-IMG will bring to the UFC Brand:

  • Connections- WME Is one of the biggest agencies in the world.
  • They have some of the highest grossing talent (directors, composers, writers, producers. Actors/Actresses) in the history of entertainment
  • They have major Star Power- with top clients comes cross promotions in Film, TV, Radio, Fashion, Sports, Digital & Print media
  • Power People Answer Their Phone Calls – Big Deals Get done (especially when you have friends and family in high places Ari Emanuel’s brother Rahm is the mayor of Chicago and before that he was The White House Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama
  • They have a partnership with a Silicon Valley private equity firm – so they are on the forefront of new technology integration
  • Ari & Patrick are very aggressive at taking risks
  • They know EVERY ONE who is Any One
  • They are masters of packaging deals from the top to the bottom
  • Emanuel and Whitesell understand multi-level licensing/marketing/branding and they are always looking for more opportunities to bring in more money
  • WME-IMG see the growth capacity of Asia (including India)
  • China will be a huge market for business development in ever expanding and diverse markets. An example: there is the rumor that the reason Playboy stopped nudity in their magazine is because of China’s anti-pornography laws

The above are just a few reasons why WME-IMG will be more adept owners of the UFC.

One thing I am quite certain is that Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell will hire a proper sound engineer for all UFC press conferences/events and their production team will make sure top of the line microphones/speakers/equipment will be mandatory.

I see the UFC under the direction of WME-IMG being run a lot tighter and more professional from the top down. Lastly, I think they will kick the Reebok deal to the curb as soon as the contract is over.

George Saint Pierre VS UFC All Talk And No Action?

George St Pierre by KAT
George St Pierre by KAT
With all the drama of the UFC lately one could easily think it was all a master manipulation to increase interest in the sport especially now that money making venture has been sold for a reportedly $4Billion.

Under the all the drama of UFC 200 with Conor McGregor being pulled from the card, Jon Jones testing for a banned substance at the last minute one could easily forget about GSP.

There has been a lot of talk of George St. Pierre returning to fight but it seems that it is all TALK.

GSP has been recuperating for years at least 2. Although there are rumors that he is all healthy from previous injuries resulting in surgery, nothing seems to be closer of one of the most popular and successful fighters in UFC history getting a deal to step back into the ring.

I can’t blame Pierre for not wanting to play the UFC game. Besides being fraught with complaints of steroid use, the Reebok deal and Dana White treating fighters like slaves why would anyone want to put up with the allege BS? GSP has endorsements on his own that don’t involve Reebok. He also makes plenty of money so it makes sense there is no reason for him to get back in the ring.

Unless it is another media ploy to get more money and drum up more excitement for a really big match up with new champ Michael Bisping.